Euler Math Toolbox

This is the homepage of Euler Math Toolbox (EMT), a powerful math program combining numerical and symbolic tools in one free package.

Bot WindowsWhat is Euler Math Toolbox?

EMT provides the following features for you.

  • Numerical as well as symbolic mathematics interactively with immediate results,
  • Notebook style interface with Latex formulas, images and export to web pages,
  • Nice graphics, which can be exported to files or pasted into presentations,
  • Quick and reliable numerical computations with real or complex numbers, intervals, vectors and matrices,
  • Symbolic algebra, calculus and infinite rational arithmetic by the powerful computer algebra system Maxima, seamlessly integrated into the system,
  • Friendly interface, in program documentation, tutorials, examples and a complete reference,
  • Open source software free of royalties.

EMT has been developed and is maintained by R. Grothmann, professor of mathematics at the University of Eichstätt, together with a net community of helping hands.

EMT is for everyone who needs to do numerical mathematics, optimization, statistics, symbolic or integer mathematics from the beginning student level to the research level in an interactive way with beautiful graphics.

Where to get Euler Math Toolbox?

EMT is an open source Sourceforge project. The download and the web files are currently located on the home server of EMT.

EMT runs in all versions of Microsoft Windows. The Wine emulator allows to run EMT in Linux with some restrictions.

For more, follow the links on the left. Good starting points are the tutorials about the program.

The Community

You can also get in contact with the Euler community, if you like. Euler Math Toolbox has hundreds of downloads each month, so there should be definitely someone to help you with problems.

The current Euler version is is "Version 2015-11-29".